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Moringa and Papaya Leaf Powder

Moringa and Papaya Leaf Powder

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You may be familiar with the term probiotic, which means “for life” (pro = for and biotic = relating to life). Alas, fermented foods are alive.

Method :

Lacto fermented Moringa and Papaya Leaf Elixir pulp  dehydrated at low temperatures to retain probiotic and nutritional properties then blended into powder and bottled into recycled jars (council approved). Sunshine Coast council manufacturers food licence.

Ingredients :

Moringa leaf, stem and flower, green and ripe papaya flesh, leaf, flower, stems and seeds, ginger, turmeric, galangal and black pepper fermented in filtered water with sea salt and raw honey.

Benefits :

Natural Healing Properties- anti inflammatory, prevents disease,aids digestion, supports liver, boosts energy, lowers blood sugar levels and increases platelet production.

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